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“Perfect MG (voice, characters, writing, everything)...You’ve created a wonderful setting, memorable characters, refreshing story elements, super exciting plot… All in all, just a fantastic read.”


J.R., Professional Editor with 10 years of experience in the publishing industry including duties on Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games.


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Cooper Peru and the Curse of Kings existed in only s few dozen test copies which were shared with some of the most recognizable pop stars and actors on the planet.

While they sat in silent fascination, the book began racking up 5 star editorial reviews and stellar feedback from the developmental editors engaged to evaluate it.

This book delivers an epic reader experience.

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Cooper Peru and the Curse of Kings started as a bedtime story to get my then two year old to sleep. It evolved over time and reached a form that I had to get out onto paper. Once finished, I figured it would be retired to a desk drawer forever.

I blame Autocrit for its escape. Fooling around with the first completed draft, that powerful, AI-driven editor said my manuscript outscored all of the big name titles they’d featured.

Well, I knew that was a fluke. So I engaged editor Jennifer Rees (Hunger Games) for a developmental edit. Her report came back declaring Peru “perfect MG (voice, characters, writing, everything).” She added “You’ve created a wonderful setting, memorable characters, refreshing story elements, super exciting plot… I especially love how humorous the story is, with great moments that readers will really find funny…All in all, just a fantastic read.”

Obviously, she was taking it easy on me. To get to the bottom of this nonsense, I reached out to Scribendi and told them in no uncertain terms to be brutally honest with me and tough in their assessment of my creation.

Ten days later, their letter shows up saying, among other things:

“This was an absolutely fantastic read! It was extremely well-written and entertaining, both in terms of plot and the phrasing and language used…this is definitely a book in which the writing can stand toe-to-toe with the Potter series.” After some suggestions for adjustments, the editor closed with “if you can make the tweaks I suggest above, and have a final proofread polish done, you will have yourself an absolutely wonderful masterwork here.”

So I polished the manuscript and sent it out for eight editorial reviews from several book review organizations. The highly respected Kirkus Reviews has been reviewing books since the 1930’s and weighed in on Cooper in a formal review…

“…the elven lore and woodcraft/archery aspect deftly freshen up this tale as does an unexpected twist on Cooper’s family story. Though the plot, as with the Potter series, presents serious challenges and deadly enemies, the author also shows a sly sense of humor through some truly groanworthy puns. For example, Horde raiders of Elven stone-built temples are called Stone Temple Pirates, and a crude, drunken elf is named “Hooka Zenblow” (say it fast).

An entertaining, satisfying take on the magical boarding school tale.”

Kirkus Reviews

Read the complete review here:

“…accessible, engaging, and unpredictable middle-grade novel.

The world-building is immersive and done on an impressive scale, with a richly designed history that would make Tolkien, or Rowling, proud.

…the sense of humor that permeates the story is charming. …packed with clever lines, pop culture allusions, and appropriate levels of fantasy action.

All in all, Cooper Peru and the Curse of Kings launches a whimsical and thrilling new fantasy series.”

-Self Publishing Review

Cooper Peru and the Curse of Kings is middle-grade fantasy writing at its best…

D. Donovan of Midwest Book Review  Dec., 2019

KC Finn, a Reviewer at Readers’ Favorite Said: 

5 Stars

“Readers of all ages will also find delightfully drawn creatures and beings that are both well narrated and well described, with atmospheric and ethereal lexis worthy of any Harry Potter or Olympus fan’s readership.”

KJ Simmill a Readers’ Favorite Reviewer said:

5 Stars

“Cooper Peru will keep you on the edge of your seat, watching every twist and turn, every danger as it unfolds. Don’t close the book, don’t even blink, hold tight and enjoy the ride. This book has certainly earned its place on my recommended list. Hours of non-stop entertainment, a must-read for fantasy lovers.”

Sarah Marlowe from OnlineBookClub said:

“The author’s writing is quite playful. There are many witty lines, puns, and allusions that made me laugh. Looking for these humorous allusions made reading the book like a bit of a treasure hunt!

All of this praise aside, the review that is most meaningful to me comes from the young son of one of the executives at my office.

This beta reader, a bright and voracious consumer of the fantasy genre, certain wizards and the Olympus series specifically, said when asked if he liked the book “Mom, it’s the best book I’ve ever read. I feel like it was written for me.”

And folks, it simply doesn’t get any better than that.

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